The Board of Directors

The Centre is a Limited Company under the title of Halsey Masonic Hall (Waltham Cross) Limited (Registered Company Number 211696 England and Wales) controlled on behalf of the shareholders by a Board of Directors.

The Articles of Association allow for a maximum of fifteen directors, who are appointed by the shareholders and each must offer himself up for re-election on a three-yearly basis, Voting for directorships takes place each year at the annual general meeting (AGM) usually held in the first quarter of each year.

Any shareholding lodge may put forward / sponsor one of their members for the directorship, to a maximum of one director per unit. Nominations must be received from the sponsoring unit seven clear days before the date of the AGM, bear the nominee’s signature and be accompanied by a non-masonic business CV.

The present list of Director is as follows:

Chairman                  David Boore               Lodge 7625

Vice-Chairman         Charles Boswell         Lodge 4726

Board Members        Geoffrey Bearman    RC 372

                                  Clive Bradman          Lodge 4726

                                  Gareth Dufton           Lodge 1327

                                  Martin Francis          Lodge 7419

                                  William Lane            Lodge 7662

                                  George Ness              Lodge 9527

                                  Derek Root                Lodge 7033

                                  Richard Morris         Lodge 869

                                  Duncan McGregor    Allied Mark

                                  Brian Tierney            Lodge 2732

                                  Paul Weekes             Lodge 2518

The Company Secretary is Mrs Sharon Hinns.